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Paryaya 2018 – Udupi Paryaya Festival 2018

Paryaya is an important festival in South Karnataka, especially in Udupi. ‘Paryaya’ means transition or change. In 2018, Udupi Paryaya festival is on January 18. Horakanike will be held from January 13 to 16. The festival happens in once in two years and celebrates the transfer of authority of the ‘Paryaya Peetha’ and the rights of worship and management of the famous Udupi Sri Krishna Temple from one seer of the Ashta Maths to another.

Sri Vidhyadheesha Theertha Swamiji, Sri Palimar Matha will ascend the Paryaya Peetha, also called the ‘Sarvajna Peetha’, at the Sri Krishna Temple on January 18. This will Sri be Vidhyadheesha Theertha Swamiji’s second Paryaya.

The Paryaya festival has a long history and it all began in 1298 AD, when Sri Madhvacharya appointed eight seers to propagate the Dwaita philosophy. The change in administration, once in two years, was initiated by Sri Vadiraja Theertha Swamiji in 1532.

The Paryaya festival falls on the fourth day after ‘Makar Sankranti’ in the even years of the English calendar.

Preparations for the Paryaya festival begin a year in advance. The next appointed Swamiji undertakes a pilgrimage to important holy places in India with the intention of spreading the Dwaita philosophy.

A fortnight before the Paryaya festival the Swamiji enters Udupi and a warm reception is given which is referred as ‘Pura Pravesha.’

Next important event is the Horakanike procession.

On the Paryaya day there elaborate ceremonies and processions involving the Seers of the eight mutts.

You can find the complete details about the program on January 18, 2018 here.