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Too much analysis takes the zest out of life - Quotes and Quips

Quotes and Quips on various aspects of life.
  • There is no great war in life. However, there are these frequent little battles. If we can win these little battles, then life becomes a success. Those who run away from the little battles of life never make it to the podium happiness. 
  • Too much analysis takes the zest out of life. It is fine to listen to the heart even if it is illogical.
  • We will need to evolve constantly to reach the goal of self-realization.
  • Never stop learning. When we stop learning, we are opening the door to the unreal. If we need to know the real, keep learning. 
  • Peace is possible when we are ready to accept diversity. 
  • The moment we are ready to drop desire and attachment, the mind will become calm and relaxed.
  • The goal of every person is happiness. But sadly, the majority of us do not know what is happiness. We think the wave to be happiness. But it disappears in a split of a second. Then we go after another wave. But some of us go to the ocean, the source of the wave. They find the real happiness. Waves are many but the ocean is one. Fake happiness is available in plenty but there is only one real happiness.