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Important Teachings of Kautilya

Desire is the basis of all activities. It is also the basis of procreation. Scriptures declare that what we desire, and are intensely attached to, before leaving the body, we will get it in the next life. By avoiding degrading, desires, we can avoid a degrading future.

The five steps for a happy life is to observe
  1. Detachment
  2. To do charity
  3. To be just and fair
  4. To be honest and
  5. Adopt nonviolence.
Ego is like a salt. It is necessary for taste, but repulsive if used in excess. Make humility sit on the throne of Ego. It produces dignity and decorum and results in success within and without.

Pride, anger, arrogance, fear, and ego can never bring fulfillment in life.

Never think that the other fellow is a fool. Be and behave with an open mind. Humility will give you good rapport.

The energy which came from Space produced the world which is matter, and at the time of dissolution, the material world will again be re-converted to energy by Divine grace.

SourceRishimukh Magazine issue Jan 2016 page 51.