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Why Shiva is Called Aghori?

One of the popular names of Hindu God Shiva is Aghori. Here is look at the reason why Shiva is called Aghori.
  • Aghori Shiva is the fiercest form of Shiva.
  • It is the middle form in the Pancha Mukha Shiva concept.
  • The word Aghori means not terrifying. This symbolically means that all things in the world are Shiva and there is nothing to fear or worry about – all things are pure.
  • Shiva as Aghori faces the south – He represents the destructive and regenerative aspect of Shiva.
  • Aghori first absorbs all life and then transforms the universe by creating things afresh.
  • Aghori has two meanings – one who is not fierce – meaning the handsome. Another meaning is the fiercest.
  • The term Aghori first appears in the portion dedicated to Shiva in the Atharva Veda.
  • The mantra associated with this form of Shiva is the Aghora Mantra composed by Aghora Maharishi. The mantra has 51 letters. 
  • Aghori Sadhus are worshippers of Lord Shiva and are living symbols of Hindu God Shiva on earth.
  • As per Aghori Sect, all the people are ‘Shava’ (dead body) with emotions and desires and they should try to overcome these emotions by becoming ‘Shiva.’ 
  • There is belief that the concept of Aghori was popularized by Dattatreya.
  •  Another view is that the aghori sect began with Sage Kinaram, who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva.
  • An aghori sees Shiva in all animate and inanimate. They see no second.
Aghori Mantra of Aghora Rishi

aum hrong aghore ghore hungm,
ghortare hungm;
aum hreengm kleengm, sarvatah sarvaange,
namaste rudra roope hungm