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Those who believe everything to be the manifestation of God is very rare - Gita

One who is always connected to Me (Krishna) is truly wise, and the devotion of such a wise person is always constant and one-pointed. He is not interested in anything other than ME. For him, I am everything. And when I am so dear to someone, he too becomes most dear to ME.

This does not mean that others are not good. No, all of them are good, and they are the best among mortals. Whether people come to ME out of misery, or for the fulfillment of material desires, or even out of inquisitiveness, they are all the best.

A wise person is like a mirror. You can clearly see the reflection in your own mind in a wise person. So, remember to see ME in a wise person and know him to be ME.

After passing through many lifetimes, one becomes a wise one. Such wise souls who believe in ME, they come to ME after passing through numerous cycles of birth and death. Such great souls, who know and believe that everything is a manifestation of ME alone and nothing else, are indeed very rare.

Wherever you see strength, know that strength to be ME. I am the strength of the strong. Wherever you see radiance, know that radiance to be ME. If you find someone beautiful, know that the beauty is also ME. If you see and intelligent person, know that intelligence to be ME.

Teaching from Chapter VII of Gita

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