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Take and have only what is essential

Do not be stingy in appreciating goodness. Appreciation nurtures goodness. It is contagious. It catches on. When we accept the good in others, it becomes an inspiration for all.

Take and have only what is essential. Anything in excess creates a bulge. It deforms and corrupts the entire system.

Hatred begins when we are unable to accept a person for what he/she is.

True love is without conditions and borders.

Not all things are in our control. When we are ready to accept this, we have subdued anger and frustration.

Gossiping, losing temper, being grumpy, nasty and selfish are signs that we are on the path of self-destruction.

When life shakes you up, if you can maintain your calm, composure and smile; then you will emerge victorious even at the severest test thrown at you by life.

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