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Swami Akhandananda Thoughts

Spiritual life is not possible with an empty stomach, so real ‘religion’ in a country of chronic hunger is feeding the poor; then comes education and medical service.

Constant remembrance of God and unlimited reliance upon Him under all circumstances is Sadhana.

Is it easy to realize the self? Incarnations (Avatars) of God are God Himself, yet they themselves have to struggle so much, not to speak of others.

The divine soul is sleeping in everyone. It is to be roused. Everyone is always trying to express that Self.

When the Self is realized, you will feel its presence everywhere. This is Siddhi. The goal is to reach this state. Everybody must get back this realization, because it is our real nature.

Swami Akhandananda – a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna.


We desire a thing because of a feeling of incompleteness without it. But when we realise that what we ordinarily understand as "We" is nothing but the Absolute Bliss, the illusive pleasures after which the senses go lose their charm. (The Path of Self Control – Sage of Kanchi)

One’s knowledge of God is limited by one’s capacity to understand him. (Dr S Radhakrishnan)