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Meena Rashi 2018 Predictions – How will be year 2018 for Meen Rashi? - Meena Rashi Bhavishya 2018

Meena Rashi born people will have a positive year in 2018. January, April, July, and September are good months as per Meen Rashi Bhavishya 2018. February, May, June, and November are bad months. March, June, October, and December will be stagnant or both good and bad. Kumbh Rashi 2018 predictions are based on moon sign followed in Hindu astrology and horoscope.

Rashi Rashi Career - Job - Business 2018

  • There will be sudden career reversals and job loss for some.
  • You need to be always prepared to face uncertainties, as things will be changing fast in your occupation.
  • Those people who have completed studies, and are searching for a job will need to be extremely careful while taking up jobs.
  • It is a good year for those looking for government jobs.
  • Those who have been working hard on a project will get the desired result in this year.
  • Some of you might get tough assignments and tough deadlines.
  • There will be competition from new entrants and this will give you tension.
  • Those looking to work abroad will get the opportunity.
  • Help from an unexpected source will come as a great relief.
  • A long-delayed promotion or transfer to the desired location will become a reality in this year.
  • It is not a good year to change jobs. Do only if it is necessary.
  • Students should be careful about their activities. Avoid unwanted friendship and unlawful activities. You need to concentrate more as luck is not in your favor.
  • Business people might get opportunities to expand and make new investments. Need to be careful about investments as attempts will be made to cheat you. You will meet knowledgeable persons in your field. Family run business might face some internal issues.

Rashi Finance - Money - Luck 2018

  • Avoid making investments in areas you have little or no knowledge.
  • There is no easy money out there. Therefore, keep away from scamsters and investments that promise high returns in a short period. If you cannot keep greediness out then you are bound to suffer.
  • There will be some problems related to banks and other financial institutions.
  • There will be problems related to loans but will be solved in due course of time.
  • Not a good year to invest in used vehicles.
  • It is an auspicious year to buy home, property, villa, and flat.
  • Renovation will be completed successfully.
  • Money might be required education purpose of a family member or for job-related matters.
  • Money, valuable or documents that you had thought lost will be recovered.
  • Luck is in your favor gains can be made in stocks, speculation and through similar investments.
  • Financial legal matters will be settled in your favor.

Rashi Relationship - Romance - Love - Marriage 2018

  • Romance and love relationship will have positive results in this year. After some initial hiccups, there will be stability in the relationship.
  • You will be happy with reunion and meeting of old family members and friends.
  • You will get to meet a person this year, who will be of great influence in the coming years.
  • You will be unhappy with the behavior of your spouse.
  • You will have to spend more time with family otherwise you will find it difficult in future.
  • Love proposals might not reach the destination. But there is hope this year that it will be accepted.
  • There will be temptation to indulge in immoral activities.
  • A friend or relation you had ignored will be of great help in this year.
  • There will be spiritual tours and long journey to participate in important functions.
  • Arguments might get out of control. Avoid silly fights on matters that is of no significance to your life.
  • Avoid political comments, suggestions to fans and especially to people who are addicted to such things.
  • You will be unhappy that your advice is not listened to.
  • Marriage as per desire will be decided a held.
  • It is a good year for those looking for remarriage.
  • Legal issues related to marriage will end this year.
  • Travels will be successful.

Rashi Health 2018

  • Your discipline and determination will have good benefits to your health. There will be relief to a health problem.
  • There will not be major health worries in this year.
  • Some of you might have depression or tension related problems.

Remedy and Solution

Have faith in your abilities. Do not be too much worried about correcting others. Concentrate on your work in this year. Offer prayers to Ganesha daily.

Mantra to be Chanted in This Year

ॐ शिवप्रियायै नमः॥