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Egotism is well judged by the number of likes and dislikes that one has – Swami Saradeshananda

One’s egotism is well judged by the number of likes and dislikes that one has.

A human being not in control of one’s tongue but in control of the other senses, has no self-control yet, only when one has conquered the tongue, one has mastered them all.

You people have a flimsy mind. As a result, you misplace things and don’t find them in need. Keep the things in their proper places and in a proper way, so that they can be traced even in darkness. Always keep the knife’s edge away from you. You grope for the torch, the candle, or the matchbox, just because you whimsically keep them one day here and the other day there.

Never listen to idle talk nor participate in it.

Have no conceit but give full respect to others, always chant Lord’s name.

A Brahmachari was too shy to refuse the sweets thrust on his plate in the dining hall and as a result, he would unwillingly eat these. Once, when the Brahmachari told about his predicament to Saradeshananda, he said: ‘How will you be a sadhu, if you’re so feeble-minded? Ask them not to give and if they don’t listen, then leave all the sweets right there and get up from the seat. Everything will be set right if you do this for some days.’ The Brahmachari got results following Saradeshananda’s advice.

Swami Saradeshananda of Ramakrishna Mission


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