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Being good does not mean you should be a fool or scapegoat

Concentrating and meditating on god means, we are connecting with our true self.

Honesty, doing one’s duty to the best ability, contentment and elevating oneself to the path of self-realization should be the principles in life.

Disappointments and frustration creep in life when we see life as a mad race.

Greediness and dissatisfaction can be put to an end only through the unfathomable wealth within us. That wealth is God.

Uncontrolled emotions are a major cause of our suffering. Emotions need to be channelized by becoming friends with people who are happy and positive, by being compassionate, by being in the company of wise people and keeping away from evil and negative people.

When you shelter and water negative feelings and hatred in your mind, you are sheltering a poisonous snake and it will destroy you at any moment.

Include contemplation in daily routine to escape from infinite misery and unending ignorance.

To be cheerful make the mind stable by avoiding the extremes. Have a balanced approach to life.

There is nothing ordinary here; everything is a part of the divine. Develop this attitude for a peaceful and prosperous life.

Goodness and innocence is a trap. Along with goodness and innocence, you need to be alert, agile and aware. Being good does not mean you should be a fool or scapegoat.


Man is limited by unlimited desire