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Mithuna Rashi 2018 Predictions - How will be the year 2018 for Mithuna Rashi? - Mithuna Rashi Bhavishya 2018

Mithuna Rashi born people will face difficulties related to finance and career in 2018. February, April, July, August and November are good months as per Mithuna rashi bhavishya 2018. January, March, June and December are bad months. May, September and October will be stagnant or both good and bad. Mithuna Rashi 2018 predictions are based on moon sign followed in Hindu astrology and horoscope.

Mithuna Rashi Career - Job - Business 2018

  • There will be sudden job loss or unexpected problems in career for some.
  • You will not be happy with your career progress.
  • It is an ideal year to change jobs.
  • You will not be happy with the new jobs on offer. Those looking for a job after studies will be lucky this year.
  • You will be unhappy with the decisions taken by seniors, boss or management.
  • Some of your ideas will be appreciated and implemented.
  • There will be promotion to an important post and transfer for some.
  • Not a great year if you are looking for government related jobs.
  • Doctors and those in legal profession will have a good year.
  • It is not a good year to quit job and start a business, especially in which you have not much experience.
  • Some of you will be able to make a career out of your hobby.
  • Students will have a good year. You will get admission in a desire subject.
  • Business people will do well with good profit. Some damages due to accidents. It is a good year for expansion. Avoid unwanted risk in business matters.

Mithuna Rashi Finance - Money - Luck 2018

  • You can expect an unexpected financial problem.
  • Sudden end to an income source will cause some worries.
  • Spouse will be of great help financially.
  • Some fights with family members or relatives regarding money matters.
  • You will be unhappy with the monthly salary.
  • Delay in loans.
  • It is a good year to buy or sell property, home, flat and vehicle.
  • Money given as loan will not be returned in time.
  • Financial legal matters might go against you.
  • Luck is in your favor you can expect gains from stocks, games and lottery.
  • A bad habit of yours will cause financial damage.

Mithuna Rashi Relationship - Romance - Love - Marriage 2018

  • You will be missing someone very dearly this year.
  • You will get opportunity to resolve an earlier mistake and this will improve relationships.
  • You might face trouble due to opposite sex.
  • Those facing problems in marriage might decide to take outside help.
  • There will be happy occasions in the family in the form of marriage or childbirth.
  • Some of you might decide to stay away from home due to the unruly behavior of a family member.
  • Those involved in romance and love relationship will not be happy with the partner’s lack of courage to take a firm decision.
  • Some of you will decide to end a relationship as it is causing damage to you mentally and socially.
  • Vacations will be planned.
  • There will be opportunity to travel to a distant location.
  • Travels will be successful.
  • Marriage will be decided and held for those looking.
  • It is a good year for those looking for remarriage.

Mithuna Rashi Health 2018

  • You will be diagnosed with lifestyle diseases.
  • You will be forced to change your daily routine and food habits.
  • Chance of serious ailments related to veins or heart.

Remedy and Solution

Offer prayers to Ganesha daily. It is good to observe a fast dedicated to Shiva or Ganesha. Read holy scriptures daily.

Mantra to be Chanted in This Year

ॐ मत्स्यरूपाय नमः॥