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Highest knowledge that is born of discrimination transcends all – Yoga Sutras

For achieving awareness, the obstacles have to be diminished first. Ignorance, the ego, passion, anger and aversion and clinging to life and fear of death are the obstacles.

It is because of ignorance that things appear to be inert, inconsistent, dispersed and endless.

Ignorance by mistake takes what is perishable as eternal, what is impure as pure, what is sorrow as happiness, what is not-Self as the Self or Atman.

Passion is accompanied by pleasure.

Anger is accompanied by pain.

When the mind gets disturbed by various sounds and words, one should use their opposites to counteract them.

Negative thoughts leading to violence are caused by greed, anger, and attachment, either to oneself or to others. They vary in intensity as mild, medium or intense causing endless pain and ignorance. They should be counteracted by thinking of their opposites.

The highest knowledge that is born of discrimination transcends all.

The mind of discriminative quality is inclined towards achieving liberation.

Yoga Sutras