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Symbolism in the Nine Goddesses Worshipped During Navratri

The nine goddess worshipped during Navratri are known as Navdurga and they have hidden symbolism attached to them. The Navadurga are Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayani, Kala Ratri (Kaalratri), Maha Gowri and Siddhidayini.

  • Goddess Shailaputri is symbolically associated with Shradha (Concentration, devotion, veneration and faith).
  • Brahmacharini is associated with dispassion towards feelings causes by the senses.
  • Chandraghanta is associated with clean and pure mind, which is filled with god consciousness.
  • Maa Kushmanda is dedicated to victory over the evil thoughts that rise in the mind.
  • Skanda Mata protects the godliness and goodness in the mind of a devotee.
  • Maa Katyayani represents Sattva Guna among the three gunas. Dharma - love – compassion – empathy.
  • Goddess Kalaratri she annihilates all that forces that rise against the Sattva Guna. She protects the Sattva Guna and Dharma.
  • Mahagauri resides in a person who is filled with Sattva Guna and Dharma. The halo that appears around such a person is the representation of Mahagauri.
  • Goddess Siddhidayini or Siddharatri represents self-realization. The ultimate objective from which there is no return to the world of birth and death.
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