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Kindness without expectation is the real kindness

We all know death is a certainty. Instead of worrying about death, prepare for the graceful exit.

External enemies can be dealt with. But external enemies are not our greatest enemies. The real enemy is within us. Anger, jealousy, ego and hatred are the real enemies that hamper our progress. Only they stop us from achieving success.

When we are judging a person, we want them to be like us. Maturity is in not judging and accepting people as they are.

Stop running after desires. Limit your desires. Focus on one thing that you like the most. You will achieve that desire and success in life.

Kindness without expectation is the real kindness.

Hate and fear should not be part of our life. It only damages us. Stop spreading hatred and fear.

We will become happy the day we learn to differentiate between need and greed.

Bad karma is hurting another living being knowingly.

Complaining, grumbling and feeling disgusted are of no help. Do not waste precious energy on them. Instead, focus on finding inner joy and peace.

Stop correcting people, know that they are blessed with intelligence but it is that they just do not want to change, they are currently happy with ignorance. Correction should not be external it should be internal for everlasting effect.