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Bring These Plants to Home during Navratri for Peace and Prosperity

In Kali Yuga, just by chanting the name of Gods and Goddesses, one can attain peace. But people are not satisfied with peace as they want wealth, property and money. Tantra Shastra texts gives certain hints and procedures for desire fulfillment in Kali Yuga. It is believed that bring certain plants home during Navratri helps in desire fulfillment and ushers in prosperity.

Plantain – Bring banana plant during Navratri is believed to help in having peace and prosperity at home. Childless couples will be blessed with children. The banana plant has to be planted in the house and it should be watered daily.

Shankhpushpi – Bringing the root of Shankhpushpi plant and keeping it in money locker helps in avoiding financial crisis.

Banyan Tree Leaves – Bringing fresh leaves of Banyan Tree during Navratri and drawing Swastik symbol on it using Sindhoor helps in keeping out wealth related problems.

Bahera Tree – Keeping the root and leaf of Bahera tree in the locker helps in financial prosperity.

Dhatura Tree – The root of the Dhatura tree if kept at home during Navratri helps in overcoming all forms of negative forces.

White Palash – Planting a white palash tree helps in having peace and prosperity in the house.

White Aparajita Plant - Planting a White Aparajita Plant helps in financial prosperity.

Dudhi Plant – Planting Dhudhi plant helps in ushering in happiness.

Symbolic meaning of Garbo Pot used during Navaratri in Gujarat