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Taliparamba Sree Rajarajeswara Temple in Kannur, Kerala – Women Enter only after 8 PM

Taliparamba Sree Rajarajeswara Temple is located at Taliparamba near Kannur in Kerala and the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The highly powerful Shivling in the temple was installed by Sage Parashurama. A unique aspect of the shrine is that women enter the shrine only after 8 PM. The Shivling worshipped in the temple has the presence of both Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

People refer to the deity worshipped in the shrine as Perumthrikkovilappan, Perum-chelloorappan and Thampuran Perumthrikkovilappan.

The shrine is one of the 108 Shiva temples in Kerala.

Worship of Shiva is Very Much Different

  • Bilva leaf or Koovalam is not offered here.
  • Tulsi leaf is used for puja here (a very rare offering).
  • Rudrabhishekam is not performed here.
  • Instead of Monday, Wednesday is the most important day here.
  • Pradosham holds no special significance here.
  • There is no dhaara the constant pouring of water on Shivling.
  • There is no Dwajasthamba
  • There is no annual festival.
  • The deity is never taken out of the main temple.
  • Navaka puja is performed daily here.
  • The door to the shrine of Sage Parashurama on the northern side of sanctum sanctorum is never opened.
The temple, which is spread over six acres of land, is note for two gopurams on the eastern and western sides. The shrine is also a typical example of architectural style of Kerala.

Goddess Parvati Shrine is Never Opened - Entry to Women only after 8 PM

The shrine of Goddess Parvati is located on the western side of the sanctum sanctorum and it is never opened.

An unusual custom followed in the temple is that women enter the main temple complex only after 8 pm – Attazha Puja. This is because at this time, Lord Siva is with his wife Parvati and therefore the couple will fulfill the wishes of women.

The subsidiary deities worshipped in the temple are
  • Sri Krishna
  • Sree Bhoothanatha
  • Yakshi
  • Rishabha
The temple is located around 15 km from Pazhayangadi the nearest railway station. Kannur is around 22 km away from the temple.

Sree Rajarajeswara Temple
Taliparamba - 670141
Phone – 0460 203457