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One Must Rouse Himself and Bring Out What Is Best In Him – Swami Paramananda

The conquest, which any human being seeks in the external world, is insignificant in comparison with that which lies within his own self; and until he had conquered his inner kingdom, all outer conquests must be fleeting and uncertain, for his own unwise actions may at any moment cause his ruin.

Even though the world may regard him as a conqueror, even though he many consider himself invincible, he is not a conqueror in the spiritual sense as long as he is willing to give his soul life in exchange for any material advantage.

He may gain the whole world, but it will profit him nothing.

In all the lofty spiritual messages of the great teachers one ideal stands out above all others – that each one must rouse himself and bring out what is best in him.

Swami Paramananda (1884 – 1940) of Ramakrishna Mission