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Importance of Vayava Kon – Northwest Corner in the House

Vayavya kon is the northwest corner in Vastu Shastra. The importance of Vayava direction in a house is as follows:
  • The Adipatya dev or important deity of the Vayavya kon is Chandrama or moon.
  • The God associated with the northwest direction is Vayu or the wind god.
  • This direction is associated with both Navgraha and Devas.
  • Couples should occupy this room as it is considered auspicious.
  • Avoid having bathroom in the northwest corner of the house.
  • The direction is associated with good health, strength and long life.
  • If a person in the family is suffering constantly from illness then his/her bedroom should be shifted to the northwest corner of the house.
  • The first meeting between the boy and the girl should not take place in the Vayavya kon.