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I am different from the body – Upadeshasahasri

I am different from the body. The body is born and dies, is eaten up by birds, is destroyed by weapons, fire etc., and suffers from diseases and the like.

I have entered it, like a bird its nest, on account of merit and demerit accruing from acts done by myself, and like a bird going to another next when the previous one is destroyed I shall enter into different bodies again and again as a result of merits and demerits when the present body is gone.

Thus in this beginningless world on account of my own actions I have been giving up successive bodies and assuming ever new ones.

I have in this way made to go round and round in the cycle of endless births and deaths, by my past actions. And having in the course of time obtained the present body I have got tired of this going round and round in the wheel of transmigration, and have come to the  Guru, to put an end to this rotation.

I am therefore always different from the body.

It is bodies that come and go, like clothes on a person.
– Upadeshasahasri of Adi Shankaracharya (Verses 12 and 13)