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Symbolic Meaning of These Uninvited Guests Arriving at Home

Guests are equal to God in Hinduism. Here is the symbolic meaning of various types of uninvited guests arriving at home in Hindu religion.

Napunsak (Kinnar or Hijra), Transgender – Such individuals bring the luck of Budh Graha. They help in alleviating diseases, bad luck and court cases. This is the reason why a transgender should never be allowed to return empty-handed.

Handicapped beggar – Solution to Rahu related problems in the horoscope of the people in the house.
Aged (old) beggars – Solution to problems related to finance, education and children.

Someone comes asking for oil – It means the people in the family will get relief from Shani Grah related problems.

Sanyasi – If Sanyasi or saint comes then it means your luck is going to change.

Unmarried Girl wearing white cloth – This is considered highly auspicious. It means peace will return to home and there will be prosperity.

Newly married woman – If a newly married woman arrives at home then the people in the home will be honored and there will be an improvement of stature.

Widow – If widow comes to home and asks for something sweet then the residents of the house will get relief from Mangal related problems.