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Difference between science and religion – Dr S. Radhakrishnan Explains

A man had asked Dr. Radhakrishna a question:

“Sir, since you are a great philosopher, can you explain the difference between science and religion, as there seems to be a contradiction between the two? Religion speaks of something that is not seen and people have faith in that. But in science one says, ‘No, I only accept what I see,’ so it appears that scientists are anti-religious.”

Dr Radhakrishnan answered:

“It is something like this: A little science takes you away from religion but more of it brings you nearer religion.”

Those students who have studied only a little bit of science speak of religion and God in derogatory terms. But great scientist Albert Einstein had a positive view of religion.

SourceHindu Culture – An Introduction by Swami Tejomayananda ~ page 14 - 15