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A Guru is here to bring out the possibilities within you – Sadhguru

If you are not aware of this, for over 90% of the people, the moment of Enlightenment and the moment of leaving the body are same. Only those people who know the tricks of the body, who know the mechanics of the body, who understand the nuts and bolts of the body, can hold on to it. Of the people who manage to stay back, a majority of them spend the rest of their lives in silence.

Only a very few are stupid enough to try to do something with people around them because it is so hopeless talking about another dimension which is not in people’s experience. These people are trying to be logically sensible, but it is quite a hopeless thing.

When you are in a desert, and people are thirsting for water, and you have an oasis with you, it becomes your responsibility to let people know of it.

A Guru is not here to interpret the scriptures and books. He is here to bring out the possibilities within you that you by yourself may not be able to explore.

– Sadhguru