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You are in essence and reality the all-pervading – Swami Sivananda

Do not have any Moha for this perishable body. Treat this body as your servant and instrument. You are entirely distinct from this physical body, which is made up of the five elements, and which is subject to decay and destruction.

You are in essence and reality the all-pervading, imperishable Atman. Just as the houes in which you live is separate from you, so also the body in which you are temporarily encased, on account of ignorance, is entirely different from you.

Identification with this body is the root cause for bondage and human meiseries and sufferings.

Do not become a slave to this body. It must obey your orders at all times and under all conditions and not you its orders.

You must be prepared to give up this body or dedicate it to a just and noble cause. Practise self denial, self abnegation and self sacrifice.
– Swami Sivananda