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Training the Senses – Prabuddha Bharata

Apart from the maximum possible abstention from sense-objects, a change in attitude towards them would enable one to have the least possible harm from them, even when exposed to them.

This can be done by constantly reminding the mind that basic food, shelter, clothing, and other basic needs are required to continue one’s spiritual life and that the ultimate goal is to realize one’s true nature.

By constantly telling the mind to think in such a manner, the mind becomes gradually free of its attachment to things more than absolutely necessary. This is also an exercise to increase the strength of mental resolves.

Even these basic needs have to be fulfilled with an idea that one is divine. The sense-objects and the sense-organs should be seen as aids to the training of the mind. However, this training should not be through the abundance of the sense-objects but by abstaining from them. This way, the sense-objects become tools for realizing one’s divinity.

SourcePrabuddha Bharata Editorial Nov 2016