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Ghatotkach – Story of Ghatotkacha in the Mahabharat

Ghatotkach was the son of Pandava Bhima and his wife Hidimbi. Hidimbi, a Rakshasi, had magical powers. And her son Ghatotkacha inherited all the magical powers of his mother and the strength of his father Bhima, the second among the Pandavas.

Hidimbi ruled over the forest and later when Ghatotkach grew up he became the ruler of the forest.

During the Kurukshetra war in the Mahabharata, Ghatotkach proved to be one of the greatest warriors. He created havoc in the Kaurava camp. It is said that he would have single handedly won the war for the Pandavas.

During the night battle after the death of Jayadrata, Ghatokacha created maximum destruction on the Kaurava side.

Finally, Karna used the Vaijayanti Shakti, a powerful spear, to kill Ghatotkacha. The spear could only be used once. Karna had saved it to kill Arjuna.

After being struck by spear, Ghatotkach increased his size. Those who witnessed it felt as if he touched the sky. He then fell on the Kaurava army crushing thousands of soldiers, horses, chariots and elephants under him.

Thu Ghatotkacha died a hero’s death in the Kurukshetra war.