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Neither creation nor destruction is in itself real

The very fact that you are seeking knowledge shows that you are ignorant. Those who do not seek knowledge, they are always wise. Ignorance is wise.

We have forgotten our true nature and therefore, we are in search of it now. In ignorance all these goes on.

Neither creation nor destruction is in itself real from the standpoint of the Advaitin.

To the dreamer, dream is a beginningless experience. When you wake up, then you realise that you were dreaming. Within ignorance there is no beginning. It is called beginningless ignorance, anadi maya. Gaudapada has used that word in the first book.

When the jiva, asleep from the beginning of time, wakes up from that sleep, then he realizes that he was never like this. Not that at this time I am free, even then you were free, but you were asleep at that time. It is beginningless ignorance, but endful.

Ignorance can be beginningless but you can put an end to it, as soon as knowledge comes. A room is dark from the beginning of time. Light a matchstick and immediately the darkness ends. Knowledge destroys darkness immediately.
 – Swami Ranganathananda

Belief with most people is simply another name for mental laziness