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Man is limited by unlimited desire

Man is a limited creature controlled by unlimited desire. Quite often, we do not even realize that we are trapped in a web of desires with no escape. The result of it is constant suffering. We burn in our desires daily.
Just as smoke covers fire, dirt covers a mirror, and a womb covers a foetus, so does the desire cover the wisdom (Gita Chapter 3 – Verse 38)

Desires are infinite and it only creates unlimited troubles to the Self and the society.

Trouble in life begins when our desires become our master and begin to control us.
The wisdom of even intelligent people is covered by that eternal enemy, in the form of desire, which is like an insatiable fire. (Gita Chapter 3 – Verse 39)
A certain amount of desire is necessary for life to progress. Troubles start when we are unable to stop with the necessary desires.

Bhagavad Gita refers to desire as the eternal enemy. Therefore, we should be eternally alert and vigilant.

Bhagavad Gita also refers to desire as fire. Fire can only burn if there is a fuel source. It cannot survive without a fuel source. When we stop providing it with the fuel, we can extinguish the fire (desire).

Be flexible with our needs. Learn to be content with what is on available.

Gita also does not condemn desire that is in agreement with Dharma.
Abhilash Rajendran