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Ugadi 2017 Predictions – Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara 2017 Predictions – Shaka year 1939

One of the important aspects of Hindu New year is the annual predictions. Below are the Ugadi 2017 predictions for 12 Rashis for Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara – Shaka year 1939. Mesha, Vrishabha, Mithuna, Karka, Simha, Kanya, Tula, Vrischika, Dhanu, Makar, Kumbha and Meena Rashi Ugadi predictions 2017 can be read below: In 2017, Ugadi is on March 29. Panchanga Sravanam will be held on the day in important temples like Tirupati Balaji Temple.

Mesha Rashi Ugadi 2017 – Career will see some reversal. Financially a good period. Romance will flourish. Good period for those looking for a new job. Business people will have a stagnant year. Marriage as per desire will be decided. Health will be fine. Students, artists and sports persons will have a good year. Health will be fine.

Vrishabha Rashi – Gains in career and at workplace. New business opportunities. People might attempt to cheat you. Lack of interest and lethargy will cause damage. Financial damage for some. Trouble in married life. Delay in marriage plans. Health issues related to eye or stomach. Engineers, teachers and doctors will have a good year.

Mithuna Rashi – Good year in career matters. Delay in new job but you will get one. Love and romance cause trouble. Your secrets will be revealed. Financially a stagnant period. Trouble with relatives for some. Happy news in the family. Opportunity to travel to distant places. Health will be fine. Marriage plans will face opposition. Students will face troubles.

Karka Rashi Ugadi 2017 – Career damage. Serious reversals at workplace. Bad luck in new job search. Business will be stagnant. Love and romance will flourish. You will participate in family get together. Some of you will return back to native place and start new job. New ideas and thoughts will be implemented. You will put end to a relationship that was troubling you. You will clear your name from a scandal.

Simha Rashi – You will need to work hard this year. Luck is not in your favor. Gains from sale of vehicle or property. Help from seniors and those in high position. You will make new friendships with people in power. Some crisis in personal life. Unwanted controversies. Children might cause some worry. Unexpected expenditure. You will be misunderstood.

Kanya Rashi – You will get to hear encouraging news. Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded. Avoid gossips as it will cause trouble. Those looking to start new career will get good opportunities. Chance of accidents from vehicle or fire or natural calamities. Travels will be successful. Positive thoughts will help in saving many situations. Old disputes will be settled. Those couples staying apart will start afresh.

Tula Rashi Ugadi 2017 – Health issues might keep you occupied. You will be honored. New plans will be successful. Bad friendship will cause some trouble. Success in career and studies. Some of the projects and things that had stopped will be restarted. Opportunity to make money from your hobby. You will be troubled by unwanted thoughts.

Vrischika Rashi - Trouble related to vehicles. Improvement in career. New job opportunity. Loss or theft of valuables. Less profit for business people. Increase income. Loss from vehicle. Additional income in the family. Delay in loans and government matters. New job abroad. Birth in the family. Romance will flourish.

Dhanu Rashi – Sudden trouble in career and at workplace. You will decide to return home due to career issues. Financial damage. Opportunity to travel. Marriage as per desire. You will meet old friends or relatives. Health issues of a family member will cause some concern. New job. Trouble from opposite sex.

Makar Rashi – Over confidence and taking undue risk will not be good for career. Business will flourish. New jobs for those looking. Income from property. Additional source of income. Unexpected expenditure. Trouble in married life for some. Good year for those looking to get married. Love related matters will bring trouble.

Kumbha Rashi – Lot of hard work. Travels will be hectic. You might have to be part of unwanted disputes. Legal troubles. Gains from stock markets and through speculation. There will be happy and auspicious occasions in the family. Fights with friends or family members might cause some damage. You will be saddened by sudden loss of a near one.

Meena Rashi Ugadi 2017 – There will gains in financial matters. You will buy new vehicle. Better job with the help of friends. You will be hurt by gossips or scandals. Luck in games and lottery. Lack of positive response might dent your confidence. People might try to cheat you by selling bogus ideas. Health related troubles. 

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