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Teachings from Various Puranas

By the action of the undifferentiated air, the different notes, known as do, etc, are produced through the several holes of the flute. So, also, arising from the undifferentiated supreme Self, many states of being appear to exist. (Vishnu Purana)

From the signless comes for the sign, the universe. This sign is the object of word and touch, of smell, color and taste. It is the womb of the elements, subtle and gross. (Linga Purana 1.3.3 – 4)

Because she is the source of development, Nature (prakriti) is compared to a womb. The womb is Nature, basis of all. The enjoyer is Shiva. He is the giver of enjoyment. There is no other giver. (Shiva Purana 1.16.101)

Teaching from Purana on Charity