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Self is eternal and is realized by the endless light of innate Knowledge – Ramana Maharshi

A miniscule drop of illusion, assumed to be real, appears as an ocean into which the individual, who is the source of that drop and for whom it appears, misidentified as the experience and the performer of action, falls, just as one falls into a dream. Therein, one is buffeted by and submerged in karma.

Imagining the Self to be that which it is not, the Real to be unreal and the unreal to be real, is the obstruction to spiritual progress, which is Liberation from the imagined bondage.

The eternal is Real, which ever is, and the non-eternal is unreal, which truly never is.

The Self is eternal and is realized by the beginningless, endless light of innate Knowledge.
– Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharishi on Supreme Devotion