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Renounce All Material Objects as Poison to Attain Liberation – Sage Ashtavakra

Sage Ashtavakra tells Janaka that if he desires to obtain liberation, he should renounce all material objects as poison, and cultivate the qualities of mercy, straightforwardness, compassion, contentment and truthfulness as if they were nectar.

The seeker must understand that the individual self is distinct from all material objects and is identical with the supreme self, the Brahman which is pure consciousness.

The common man gets trapped in the mire of baser feelings and emotions. It is therefore necessary that he should understand the distinctness of the Self from the baser passions.

For this one should realize that the world is nothing more than the wrong identification of the rope with snake due to darkness and that the appearances in the world are a juggler’s trick.
Sage Ashtavakra