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Progress On The Spiritual Path With One-Pointed Effort

A lazy tramp sauntering along the road saw an old man sitting at the door of his house and stopped to ask him the whereabouts of a certain place. ‘How far is the village of Rampur?’ he asked.

The old man remained silent.

The man repeated his query several times. Still there was no answer.

Disgusted at this, the traveller turned to go away.

The old man then stood up and said, ‘Rampur is only a mile from here.’

‘What!’ said the tramp, ‘Why did you not speak when I asked you before?’

‘Because then,’ said the old man, ‘you seemed so halting and careless about proceeding; but now you are starting off in good earnest, and you have a right to an answer.’

Many of us journey through life like the lazy tramp in this story. This is especially true in the case of our spiritual life which is figuratively an inner journey to freedom. Even after resolving to tread the spiritual path, we are often unable to progress on the path with one-pointed effort.

Source Vedanta Kesari editorial – September 2016

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