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Prabudha Bharata on the Notion of Individuality

The greatness of the human being lies not in its obsession to become distinct or separate, but in its innate pull to converge with the universe and merge with the Real.

Partly the problem with the notion of individuality is that it is a mistaken notion. Instead of seeing oneself as identical with the Real, we generally see ourselves as limited in space and time.

Self-abnegation is an important goal of all faith traditions and that can be achieved only by opening oneself to interactions with different belief systems. It also truly leads one to greatness by becoming part of a greater collective. Even the mental strength of such a person increases manifold.

When one is intent on maintaining one’s distinctions and goes out of the way to appear as unique and different from others, it is difficult or well-nigh impossible to have a deep understanding of others’ wisdom.

Prabhudha Bharata editorial Sept 2016

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