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He verily commits suicide by clinging to things unreal – Vivekachoodamani

For all living creatures, a human birth is indeed rare; much more difficult it is to attain full manhood; rarer than this is a Sattwic attitude in life. Even after gaining all these rare chances, to have steadfastness on the path of spiritual activity as explained in Vedic literature is yet rarer; much more so to have a correct knowledge of the deep significances of the scriptures.

Discrimination between the Real and the unreal, a personal experience of spiritual Glory and ultimately to get fully established in the living consciousness that the Self in me is the Self in all – these come only later on and culminate in one’s liberation. This kind of a perfect liberation cannot be had without earned merits of a hundred crores of lives lived intelligently.

Human birth, burning desire for liberation, the capacity to surrender completely to a man of wisdom – these three things are rare indeed, and wherever they are found, they are due to the Lord’s own Grace.

He verily commits suicide by clinging to things unreal.
– Vivekachoodamani

Adi Shankaracharya’s Vivekachudamani which means ‘crest-jewel of discrimination’ is a masterpiece on Advaita Vedanta.