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Guru is the incandescent light that eradicates the darkness of ignorance – Anandamurti Gurumaa

Guru is, unarguably, the incandescent light of the supreme consciousness that eradicates the darkness of ignorance. Just as all darkness gets dispelled immediately in the presence of light, likewise, with the rising of the Guru in the form of wisdom, right within your own inner being, all the ignorance that was present in the mind since time immemorial gets eradicated instantaneously.

Shiva means Brahman, Shiva means the supreme consciousness and, Guru and Shiva are one and the same, because the one who has known Shiva cannot be separate from Shiva. In fact, there is no one other than Shiva, there is none but Shiva. When I say ‘Shiva’, don’t try to conjure up the image of Lord Shankar. The difference between Shiva and Shankar is similar to the difference between the water vapour and the water in the ocean. One can see the oceanic water, but one cannot see vapour. Nevertheless, it is this very water vapour that transforms into rain clouds.

Illusion is false perception, misperception. We perceive something that does not correspond to what actually is. Illusions convince us of things that are not true. The sky appears blue, but is it really blue? Likewise, although it appears that we are seeing this outside world with open eyes, it is actually untrue and nothing but maya.
– Anandamurti Gurumaa