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Sarngapani – About Hindu God Sarngapani

Sarngapani is one among the numerous names of Lord Vishnu. This name is more popular in South India. There are Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu dedicated to Sarngapani.

Why Lord Vishnu is known as Sarngapani?

Vishnu is known as Sarngapani because he holds the bow Sarnga. The bow was created by Vishwakarma. Another version has it that he appeared along with a deer named Saranga.

A popular temple dedicated to Sarngapani form of Vishnu is located at Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu.

Legend has it that Vishnu appeared as Sarngapani before Hema Rashi. The sage had performed intense austerities on the banks of a pond named Pottamarai.

It is said that Vishnu appeared on a chariot drawn by elephants and horses.
A correction from a reader of the blog on the article: - it is really valuable
Regarding the information 'given in today's blog, 'Sarangapani', it is 'Sarngapani' and not 'Sarangapani'. 
'Sarnga' is bow in Samskrta, whereas "Saranga' is deer. 
Sarngapani is Lord Vishnu, holding the bow and Sarangapani is Lord Siva, holding the deer.
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