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Non-identification leads to detachment – Swami Sukhabodhananda

When one learns non-identification, then life becomes a teacher. In both pleasant and unpleasant situations of life, can one remain without attachment? It is not just life that is a teacher, but life without attachment that is a real teacher.

Non-identification leads to detachment, which transforms our unexciting life into an exciting learning experience.

Identification leads to loss of objectivity. In such a state we cannot see what is as it really is. Through identification, we superimpose our subjective perceptions on the object. We get identified with the percept and lose objective perception.

An ignorant mind is addicted to facile choices between binary opposites such as yes and no, more and less, success and failure. With this conflict one attempt to be happy and thus, happiness has become elusive for many. Happiness is certain to elude those who are trapped in this dichotomy. Unless one learns the art of going beyond the mind, one will be chasing the mirage of happiness forever.

There is an illusion that, if we get an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, we will be happy. Answers only decorate the question, not dissolve it. That does not mean one should not seek answers to one’s question. The truth is that if one goes beyond the mind, beyond thoughts, then one will be happy without questions and answers.

Mind is a bundle of thoughts. If thoughts are used wisely, they will be valuable tools both in your studies and business.

Whenever you are not pressed for time or work, turn your attention to your respiratory process. Feel your exhalation and inhalation, your breath going out and coming in. Slowly train your mind to be in the present. Life is lived in the present, and mind is lost if it dwells either in the past or in the future. It takes training to keep the mind in the present state.

Source – Book titled - Celebrating Success and Failure By Swami Sukhabodhananda