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God is seen when the mind is tranquil – Sri Ramakrishna

God is seen when the mind is tranquil.

Standing by the bank of a pond thickly overspread with scum and weeds, you will say that there is no water in it. If you desire to see the water, remove the scum from the surface of the pond. With eyes covered with the film of Maya you complain that you cannot see God. If you wish to see Him, remove the film of Maya from your eyes.

God cannot be seen so long as there is the slightest taint of desire; therefore have thy small desires satisfied, and renounce the big desires by right reasoning and discrimination.

It is the nature of the lamp to give light. With its help, some may cook food, some may forge a deed, and the third may read the word of God. So with the help of the Lord’s name some try to attain salvation, others try to serve their evil purposes and so on. His holy name, however, remains unaffected.