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Truth is not a closed book – Swami Tathagatananda

Truth is not a closed book.

Our internal dissensions, selfishness, mutual jealousy and hatred were among the principal causes of our degeneration.

The spiritual ideal is for life, and life must be lived truly and well in all its spheres – private, social and international.

The universe, being nothing but God, hence is looked upon by the Hindu mind as a temple or body of God. It is divine and sacred. This ultimate truth, the oneness of God, man and the universe, has been revealed to Hindu mystics down the age.

Spiritual truth, being the goal of human fulfillment, can never be attained without moral perfection. Morality is not an end in itself, nor ultimate good, yet without morality, a person cannot realize the supreme harmony within as well as without.
 – Swami Tathagatananda