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Tradition cannot ever supersede truth – Dr S Radhakrishnan

We cannot change bad things. But we can change our attitude towards them.

The truly great are not those who have more money or brains or higher social position. God does not think less of people because they are poor or unintelligent. What matters is whether we have been kind to others and honest and sincere with ourselves and in our intimate relations with others.

The superiority of the West is due to its intellectual integrity, the sincerity of its pursuit of truth. From the time of Socrates, the seeker of truth, down till today, the Western mind, with rare exceptions, has been remarkably free from self-complacency, intellectual laziness and blind faith in ancient wisdom.

Tradition cannot ever supersede truth. What is manifestly wrong cannot become right by the mere force of custom or authority. Conscience cannot be silenced by scripture. We must clear our mind of the cobwebs which are found there.
– Dr S Radhakrishnan