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The watchword of all wellbeing of all moral good is not I but thou – Swami Vivekananda

The watchword of all wellbeing of all moral good is not ‘I’ but ‘thou.’ Who cares whether there is a heaven or a hell, who cares if there is a soul or not, who cares if there is an unchangeable or not? Here is the world, and it is full of misery. Go out into it and struggle to lessen it or die in the attempt. Forget yourselves this is the first lesson to be learnt. The one lesson obvious to all is the destruction of the little self and the building up of the Real Self.

There comes a time in the lives of individuals and of races when, involuntarily, they ask, “Is this real?” . . . Is death the end of all these things to which we are clinging, as if they were the most real of all realities, the most substantial of all substances? . . . The hopes of a lifetime, built up little by little with all the energies of a great mind, vanish in a second. Are they real? This question must be answered.

Look here—we shall all die! Bear this in mind always, and then the spirit within will wake up. Then only, meanness will vanish from you, practicality in work will come, you will get new vigour in mind and body, and those who come in contact with you will also feel that they have really got something uplifting from you.’
– Swami Vivekananda