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Inner impurity is the result of desire, anger and fear – Jagadguru Kanchi Paramacharya

All of us take care to keep our bodies and our clothes clean. But do we bestow any attention on our inner or mental cleanliness?

Inner impurity is the result of desire, anger and fear.

It is common knowledge that when one is in the presence of one’s mother, one keeps all evil thoughts under control. Similarly in the presence of the Divine mother we should control our evil thoughts.

We can cleanse our hearts only by the holy water of meditation of the Divine mother.

When the heart is so cleansed, it will learn to distinguish the real from the unreal, which will result in the end of births.

A day spent without a conscious attempt to clean one’s heart, is a day wasted.

Impurity of cloth or body will lead to disease which will last only for one lifetime. But impurity of heart will lead to diseases which will afflict the soul for several births.

Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava - Kanchi Paramacharya