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Alathiyoor Hanuman Temple in Malappuram District in Kerala – Alathiyur Hanuman Kavu

Alathiyoor Hanuman Temple is ancient shrine located at Alathiyur Village in Malappuram District in Kerala. The temple is located around 7 km from Tirur Railway Station on the Ponnani Road. The temple is also known as Alathiyur Hanuman Kavu.

Main Deity is Bhagavan Sri Ram at Alathiyoor Hanuman Temple
Although the temple is referred as Hanuman Temple, the presiding deity in the temple is Bhagavan Sri Ram. It must be remembered here that Hanuman had stated in the Ramayana that he will be always present in that place where the name of Bhagavan Sri Ram is chanted.

Legend has it that this ancient temple was consecrated by Sage Vasishta. Thus the murti worshipped in the temple is more than 3000 years old.

The murti of Bhagavan Sri Ram worshipped in the temple is that of Sri Ram who is separated from his wife Mata Sita. He is visualized as entrusting Hanuman to locate Mata Sita.

Unique Hanuman Murti at Alathiyoor Hanuman Temple

The temple of Hanuman is adjacent to that of Sri Ram. The murti of Hanuman is depicted as leaning towards the left to hear the secret words uttered by Sri Ram which will help him convince Mata Sita that he is a messenger of Bhagavan Sri Ram.

There is a platform in the temple, which symbolically represents sea. Their s a granite stone at one end of the platform from which Hanuman is believed to have leaped to Lanka.

The most important offering here is pothi avil – beaten rice mixed with jaggery. Another offering here is a special type of plantain or banana known as Kadali Pazham.

There are separate temples dedicated to Lakshman, Ganapathy, Vishnu, Bhagavathy and Ayyappa in the temple complex.

The walls of the temple are adorned with mural paintings.