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Swami Chinmayananda on Steadfastness in Devotion to Knowledge

Steadfastness in devotion to knowledge – this ethical purity at the level of the heart cannot be brought about when the human mind is turned outward on to the flesh. Only when the mind is constantly held up in unison with the infinite song of the soul can it discover in itself the necessary courage to renounce its low appetites, clinging attachments, and the consequent foul motives gurgling from within itself.

Devotion to knowledge is thus the positive way to persuade the mind to leave all its low temptations. When a child is playing with a delicate glass curio, to save the precious object the parents generally offer a piece of chocolate, and the little child, anxious to get the chocolate, puts the precious thing down.

Similarly, a mind that is awakened to the serener joys of the Self will, naturally, never hang on to the sensuous objects and their fleeting joys.

Source – The Bhagwad Geeta Chapter – Xvi-Xvii By Swami Chinmayananda