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It is the knowledge of atman alone that is important – Sadhu Vaswani

In meditation the aspiration must be firmly directed to the One Lord, otherwise the practice of meditation will give rise to visions and psychic illusions. It is the knowledge of atman alone that is important.

Union with God is never achieved by the unaided personal will of the jiva. God must come to the help of man before man can attain to Nirvana. Yes, you must practice concentration. Yes, you must still the mind by will power. But something more is necessary. You must surrender yourself completely, absolutely to the Atman, and God’s grace must descend upon you before you are blended with the Self. This blending is moksha or liberation.

The man of meditation attains to self-restraint and so knows no pain produced by actions of the uncontrolled, pain due to restlessness, discontent, self-reproach, grief, anger and fear.
– Sadhu Vaswani