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Thoughts to Ponder – Swami Turiyananda

Man is merely an instrument, and the Lord is the operator. Blessed is he through whom the Lord gets his work done.

Everyone has to work in this world; no one can escape from it. But he who works for his own selfish ends, his work, instead of liberating him from the trap of maya, binds him.

On the other hand, the wise man, working for the Lord, cuts the fetters of work. ‘Not I, but the Lord is the doer’- this knowledge severs the bonds. This is a gospel truth. The notion that ‘I am the doer’ is merely a delusion, because it is difficult to trace who this ‘I’ is. If one carefully analyzes this ‘I,’ the real ‘I’ dissolves in God.

Our identification with the body, mind, intellect, and so on, is simply a delusion created by ignorance. Do they last long? Discrimination puts an end to them all. They all vanish, and there only remains the One Reality—from whom everything evolves, in whom all rest, and wherein they merge at the end. That Reality is the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute, or Brahman, the witness of the ego-consciousness; and again it is the Omnipresent Lord, who is creating, preserving, and dissolving the universe, and is yet untouched by it all.

Swami Turiyananda, Spiritual Treasures, P.62