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Sadhu Vaswani on Sattvic Eating Ideal for Spiritual Life

Excessive eating must be avoided. It is a wrong conception that the more you eat, the stronger you grow. Over-eating is devitalizing and it disturbs the proper circulation of breathing. Over-eating is one of the surest means of breaking brahmacharya. Over-eating interferes with one-pointedness of your inner consciousness.

The quantity of food you take should fit in with requirements of your health and your power of digestion. And the food you eat should be such as has been obtained by fair and honest means, not purchased with corrupt money, nor secured by causing pain to God’s creatures. The food should be sattvic and pure.

Excessive fasting, too, must be avoided. Fasting does good both to physical and spiritual life, but only when it is regulated.

So, too, recreation, should be regulated. It should be indulged in only to the extent it is necessary to refresh you, and it should be innocent in character.
Sadhu Vaswani

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