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On Three Kinds of Ananda – Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

It is a joy to merge the mind in the Indivisible Brahman through contemplation. And it is a joy to keep the mind on the Lila, the Relative, without dissolving it in the Absolute.

There are three kinds of Ananda, joy: the joy of worldly enjoyment, the joy of worship, and the joy of Brahman.

The joy of worldly enjoyment is the joy of ‘woman and gold’, which people always enjoy.

The joy of worship one enjoys while chanting the name and glories of God.

And the joy of Brahman is the joy of God-vision. After experiencing the joy of God-vision the rishis of olden times went beyond all rules and conventions.

That is why one should cultivate a taste for God’s name. Any name will do – Durga, Krishna, or Siva. Then if, through the chanting of the name, one’s attachment to God grows day by day, and joy fills the soul, one has nothing to fear. The delirium will certainly disappear; the grace of God will certainly descend.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa