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Let go of certain beliefs and habits that drain us of our strength – Dadi Janki

Live in such a way that love informs every action. I have learned to live this way, and as a result, nothing disturbs me. My contentment and good feelings towards others remain constant. I have become free.

The power that allows me to live like this comes from inside. I do not look for it from the outside.

That is why I stay free, with no expectations of others, and no frustrations.

Everyone can live this way. It is very natural way to be. However, it requires letting go of certain beliefs and habits that drain us of this strength, and interfere with our ability to love. Sometimes these have become deep-seated within us, such that we are not aware of their presence.

We are living in an era, when those who turn their minds within, to the inner self and to God, can truly come together, in a new way. With courage and determination, we can access an ocean of peace, love, happiness and power that transforms the way we see ourselves and others.

Source – Inside Out by Dadi Janki