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Words of Wisdom – Swami Smaranananda

Ask yourself whether what you are doing is selfish or selfless. This will be the criterion to judge whether what you are doing is spiritually and morally right or wrong.

If peace and harmony are there the human being can evolve spiritually, which is the ultimate goal of all humanity.

A little relaxation is not laziness. Actually, you should work better after a day’s relaxation.

If you dedicate all your actions and the fruits of actions to God, your responsibility ends; the Lord takes them up. That is karma yoga. This way you can conquer your ego.

One thinks of spiritual life when one fails to think of higher things in materialistic life, is totally wrong. One has not to fail in worldly life in order to think of God. This is a very negative attitude. The rishis were very positive. Their search was for knowing the truth behind this phenomenal world.
– Swami Smaranananda of Ramakrishna Mission